It seems Digimon want to show their capability once more in the gaming world. The newest game uses the same concept like Digimon World (PlayStation 1) which you need to take care of your Digimon. If you want to nostalgic about classic Digimon game, this is the best one for sure. So, what kind of gameplay this one offer? Just see Digimon Links review below for details information.


The gameplay in this game is divided into two section. The battle part and farm part. We will explain all of them, so you do not need to worry about it.


digimon links battle

This is what makes this game interesting. The battle system is not really complex that is why it is really easy to master. For beginner players, this is a plus point for them. There are two types of skill, the first one is a signature skill and the last one is a legacy skill. For the Signature skill, this is the exclusive skill for all Digimon. It means only specific Digimon which can use it. As for the legacy skill, you can inherit this one from any Digimon. In other words, you can customize your own skill. In order to unleash the skill, it cost you an AP (Action Point). Do not need to worry, it restores automatically in the beginning of your turn.


digimon links farm

Here, you can build facilities for your Digimon. It is like a simulation game. To gain more EXP, you can build a MeatĀ Field to produce a lot of meat. This is the best method to level up your Digimon quickly. Not only the meat field, you can also build another one like a dojo, restaurant, and house. There is also a bulletin board which you can use to engage the multiplayer mode. For your information, each time you complete the multiplayer section, you get Digistone as the main reward. That is why if you want to get more Digistone, this is a great idea which you have to do.


We can say for sure the quality of the graphics is superb. The 3D graphics are really smooth. To make it more perfect, every Digimon model quite details. What about the attack animation? Do not need to doubt it, all the attack skill is top notch.


We do not have any complaint about this one. Bandai Namco, the developer of this game did really well to bring out an awesome Digimon game. If you are fans of Digimon, we really recommend it. You will not find any great RPG game like this one. Download it right away while it still fresh.


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