Nintendo has a unique idea to create a Pokemon game. They combine RPG and puzzle genre into one. Because of that, Pokemon Shuffle created. At first, this one only available for 3DS console but later on the developer decided to bring this one to the smartphone. There is no difference at all except for better graphics quality. For you who never heard about this, let us see the review right away.


Main Chapter

pokemon shuffle story chapter

You will fight against the enemy’s Pokemon in the main chapter. In order to attack you need to match up three Pokemon icons. If you can link more Pokemon, it will increase the damage and you can beat it in one turn. Also, you have a limited move to finish the evil Pokemon. Each Pokemon also has a unique skill. For example like Charmander who can deal extra damage if you can link four or more icon. After you defeat the enemy, you can catch it. In order to increase the catch rate, its all depends on your moves left. If you success to beat the enemy within 1 or 2 moves, the catch rate will around 70-80%. It is already enough to obtain it. The score which you get also affects the catch rate.

Daily Quests

pokemo shuffle daily quest

This is the best place to earn EXP and get legendary Pokemon. Finish all the quest to earn a great reward. In order to enter the stage, you need to sacrifice three hearts icon (it is similar to energy system which uses in this game).  Also, each quest has a time limit. You need to finish as soon as possible before it expired.

Mega Evolution

pokemon shuffle mega amphros

Unfortunately, your Pokemon cannot evolve except Mega Evolution. To unlock it, you need to obtain Mega Stone as the trigger. Only some Pokemon who can do it. In order to evolve you need to fill in the Mega Gauge by attacking the enemy. Mega Evolution Pokemon deals the tremendous amount of damage to the enemy along with boost effect.

Type Weaknesses

Type weaknesses in this game still exist. If you deal fire damage to grass type Pokemon, the damage which you inflict is double. Before you begin the battle, you need to analyze the opponent’s Pokemon. Do not forget this effect also apply for your Pokemon.



The game itself is not that bad. But it is kinda repetitive and make all the player leave this game instantly

 Final Thought

What makes the Pokemon game awesome is the excitement when you play it. We do not know why this one does not have it. The gameplay itself is quite fun for the first time. If you like the puzzle game with RPG elements, this one is really great to play. As for the Pokemon fans, it is not worth your time. We hope our Pokemon Shuffle review can help you to evaluate this one is good or bad.


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