Pokemon Go indeed one of the interesting game on a smartphone. Everyone plays if they have a chance. But, there is a problem in this game. It is about the catching section. In order to get the Pokemon, you must throw the ball. What makes it worse you need to watch out a timing circle when throwing it. In order to catch it effectively, you need to match the timing. If you are having a hard time, just check the catching guide below to obtain your favorite Pokemon.

Use a Powerful Ball

pokemon go balls

If you find a powerful Pokemon, do not use Poke ball as the main one. You need to change it with a great one. For example, great ball and ultra ball is enough to do the job. Do not forget about the timing circle because it is still there. To get the best one, you can look for the nearest Poke Stop or if you do not want we have another method for you. Just sacrifice some of your Poke Coins to buy it on the shop.

Item is Crucial

pokemon go razz berry

An item like Razz Berry or similar which can increase the Pokemon affection toward you is the best trick. It does not matter how powerful the Pokemon, if you keep feeding the berry they will become easy to catch. For a reminder, it is quite hard to get it. If you are lucky, Poke Stop is the best place even though the chance is quite slim. If you have enough Poke coins, just simply buy from the shop.

Watch Out the Circle Parameter

pokemon go circle rate

When you encounter the Pokemon in the wild. You will see a circle around them. There is a meaning for each circle. The red circle is the toughest one, Yellow has a medium catch rate, and the last one is green (the easiest one). A good trainer will pay attention to this circle. Also, this one becomes the timing when you want to catch it. If the circle closer to the Pokemon, this is the best chance to catch it. If the circle spread out widely, it is not the right time to do it.

Wild Pokemon Movement

The last guide is you need to pay attention to the Pokemon movement. Some of them will block your poke ball. In order to prevent it, you need to have a good reflect skill. When you throw the ball and the Pokemon begin to move the body, just hold the screen to take back your ball. After that, throw it again. Although is simple, if you never watch out the movement of each Pokemon, you will waste all your ball.


Now, you already know how to catch the Pokemon effectively. We really glad our Pokemon Go guide can help you. You can catch all of them without waste your resources. Grab your smartphone and begin the Pokemon hunting.


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