Mario game already becomes the iconic icon of Nintendo gaming industries. Of course, not only Nintendo console who get to taste the game, Android and iOS can feel the greatest sensation of Mario game through Super Mario Run. Here, I want to give you the Super Mario Run game tips that you can apply to beat the game faster. Are you curious about it? Rest assured, just see it below to cure your curiosity.

Super Mario Run Game Tips

  • Use Mid Air Spin: This is the first useful tips you can use in this game. Mid air jump is really helpful in order to get many coins in the spread on the air. Of course, you also need a good timing to reach all the coins. Keep practicing is the only key to success.
  • Don’t always Use the Jump Command: I know Mario game is about jumping. But, it’s not really good ideas in some cases. Just run like normally is better rather than you jumping around and you will miss a long of stuff you don’t aware. Always check up your surroundings because it’s really important guys!
  • Red Pause Can Become Your Saviour: For you who don’t know, the red pause is really useful guys. Do you know sometimes you meet it on the stage? If you touch it, your character will stop and in this chance, you can use it to check up your surroundings. It’s really useful to know about obstacles ahead.

super mario run gameplay

  • Take Advantages of the Bubble: When your character dies, you will get revived by a bubble. Don’t touch the bubble yet, but check your surroundingsĀ first. You can decide which appropriate point that you should get revive. For users who don’t know about it, they must already touch the bubble immediately to begin the stage.
  • Timing is Your Best Friends Here: This game is different from other Mario game. You can’t control the character here. That’s why timing is really crucial in this game to collect all the coins effectively. Of course, at first, it will be difficult to get all the coins. But, if you keep trying you can do better than before!

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Okay, guys, that’s the tips that I want to show you. Hopefully, it can help you to play this game effectively and soon you can become the badass player. If you want to ask something about this game. don’t hesitate to write down your problem in the comment section. See you in the next chance.


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