Rovio Entertainment has brought something new than just playing the Angry Birds. They don’t forget that they also have the other character in that game franchise besides the birds. Yeah, it is the piggies. And in order to help you who already or want to play this game, here I give you some Bad Piggies tips and tricks. These tips are really useful and it can help you in the game.

Bad Piggies Tips and Tricks that You Should Know

Below here, I have given 5 tips that can be followed by all players and it will help you a lot in improving your game progress. So now, let’s begin this Bad Piggies tips.

Check Out the Components First

When you want to build the vehicle, you should check out the components first. Make a plan where you should place each component because it will affect your chance of getting the full three stars. And you also have to know what is the use of each component because some component has a big role. For example, the fan can give a boost to make the vehicle run.

Try to Clear the Goals

In order to get all the stars, you need to clear the mission on each star. Make sure that you pay attention to the mission that you have to clear before you start running the vehicle. You can check on your top right side of your screen to see what you should do in order to get the stars.

Remember the Main Goal

You should keep in mind that your main goal is not to ride with the vehicle safely until the finish line. Here, your goal is to deliver the pig to the finish line. You will be failed if you cannot make the pig pass the line. So, the first thing that you have to do is make sure he arrives at the goal.

Don’t Give Up if You Fail at the First Try

I have to admit that this game is not as easy as the Angry Birds in order to collect the stars. Here, you have to think and try really hard to get all the stars. So, don’t give up easily when you fail to get all the stars or even any of it. You can try it again anytime you want until you succeed.

Buy the Items from the Shop

For my last tips for Bad Piggies, I wanna suggest you buy and use the items from the shop. There are some items that will be really useful. For example, the turbo charge will double your engine power, the super magnet will attract the star boxes, and super glue will make your ride almost indestructible.

What do you think about those tips? Are they really useful for you? And I have one more tip that will make you happy. Here, try this Bad Piggies hack¬†right now to get loads of Coins for this game. I’m sure you will love this one. That’s all Bad Piggies tips and tricks that I can share with all of you.

So, tell me your opinion about these tips by leaving a comment in the comment box. And I’m really happy because I can help the other players who also play this game. So, thank you, guys.


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