Banana Kong is an endless running game that will make you so addicted. This game is really challenging because there will be some obstacles that will hold you to collect a lot of Bananas in this game. So today, for all new players who are about to play this exciting game, I will give you some useful tips and tricks for Banana Kong. With these tips, I hope you can enjoy this game more because the tips below will help you a lot.

Tips and Tricks for Banana Kong

Collect the Banana as Many as You Can

Collecting Bananas will be helpful during the game because it will increase the dash meter on your top left side screen. Each Banana that you obtain will increase the bar a little. So, make it reach the maximum capacity and you can use it to dash the Kong.

Use the Dash to Destroy the Obstacles

Banana Kong Dash is not only to make the Kong faster for awhile but it also can be used to clear up your way by destroying the obstacles such as the big rock. So, just when it necessary although you can use it whenever you want to. Keeping the dash will be helpful when you are about to crash on the rock.

Don’t Forget to Use Banana Kong Power Ups

There are so many power-ups that we can use in this game such as the magnet, glide, rainbow bananas, and much more. Each of it has a different use. For example, the magnet is used to attract the Bananas to you so you don’t need to come over the Bananas. And the glide is used to help you to fly for awhile on the air. So, don’t forget to use the power-ups while you are playing this game.

Upgrade the Power-Ups to Increase Its Ability

The Bananas that you have collected during the game can be used to upgrade the power-ups. Upgrading them will increase its ability. As an example, when you upgrade the magnet, it will last longer when you use it.

Meet Your Animal Friends

In this game, you will get a little help from the animal friends such as the cheetah, toucan, boar, and much more. Each of them possesses a different kind of ability that will be useful a lot during the game. For example, the cheetah will give you a boost to reach 500 meters. So, when you meet one of them, just jump on their back.

Put Him a Hat and Change His Parachute

Here, we can make the Kong looks stylish by adding him a hat. There are some hats in the shop that you can apply to him with different prices. And you can also customize his parachute with a various pattern on it.

Use a Generator

If you are too tired to collect the Bananas, you can try the easiest way to collect it. It is by using Banana Kong Hack. This link is very good to make you rich of Bananas. You will get it in unlimited amount for free.

Thanks for your attention and don’t forget to share these tips and tricks for Banana Kong with all of your friends.


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