GT Racing 2 is a good game for the one who loves to play a racing game. This one is really great because it is supported by a nice graphic and an addictive gameplay. People will find that this game is easy to play after they try it. But, if you still a newbie to this game, it would be better if you check out this GT Racing 2 tips. I’m sure you will understand this game easily if you follow the tips below.

GT Racing 2 Tips

Get Used to Control the Car First

Before you can be a pro in this game, you need to make yourself get used to controlling the car. It is so important because if you cannot control it correctly, you won’t win any race. Controlling the car in mobile is harder than the console since we are not using any joystick. So, train yourself first before you jump into the real race.

Choose the Right Camera that Suits You

In GT Racing 2 game, there are four camera types that you can use during the race. Each camera will give you a different view such as the view from the inside of the car, the view from behind the car and so on. Sometimes people don’t like the view of one camera because of some reason. And to make you race better, you have to decide which one suits you more.

Buying a New Car Instead of Upgrading the Old One

Buying a new car is better than when you have to upgrade your old car. Actually, you can save more Money when you are buying a new car. And also you can have a car with a better ability. Your old car may not be able to match your new car’s ability. So, try to buy a better car first before you decide to upgrade it.

Make Your Car Better

In every racing game, there must be an upgrade system. This is very important so you can compete with the upcoming opponents which will be harder than before. If you don’t upgrade the car, it would be difficult for you to win the race against a better opponent. So, make sure to upgrade it to improve its power, speed, acceleration, and so on.

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