Dragon Hills is a fun action-packed adventure game. Here, we have to take control of a very dangerous dragon and destroy everything on our way. I’m sure you have played this game if you see this article. So now, let me tell you some Dragon Hills tips and tricks that can be useful for you. The tips and tricks below will help you to master this game. So, if you haven’t mastered it yet, you should take a look at it.

Dragon Hills Tips and Tricks

Destroy Everything in Front of You

When I mentioned destroying everything, I said it literally. Dragon Hills game allowed you to crush all of the things that you meet along your way. It doesn’t matter if it is a house, trees, or any other things. Your job is to destroy all of it. And if you manage to destroy some of it in just a few second, you will get a destruction bonus. Not only that, destroying all the things also will earn you some Coins because some of the objects may pop out some Coins.

Make It Balance between the Attack and Defense

In this game, attack and defense are very important to make you stay longer in the game. So, it is important to upgrade your dragon’s attack and defense. But, it is better if you make it balance between them. You cannot underestimate one of it since they are related each other. You will get beaten easily if you just good at one of them. So, make sure you upgrade them both.

Stay Away from the Lava

Along the way, you will meet the lava that can be recognized¬†as the red pool on the hill. So, you have to stay away from it or you will get die instantly. It doesn’t matter how many lives you have. If you touch it, you die. And the best way to avoid it is by flying on the air or go through the underground.

Take the Power-Ups

Since this game has so many power-ups that can be used in the game, you need to take it when you see it. The power-ups are very useful and it can help you to get rid of some problems that you face during the game. For example, the freeze power-up can help you to freeze the enemies and even the lava.

I have given all the Dragon Hills tips and tricks that I know with all of you. So, I hope it can help you to master this game soon. Oh yeah, if you need Coins, you can try this Dragon Hills Hack. You will get the Coins you needed in no time just by using that link.


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