Coin in this game is very important. If you do not have enough coin, you cannot upgrade your character abilities and buy a new the new one. Also, It is really needed to increase your score points when you run. Of course, you can get more but it depends on your playstyle. If you play the game regularly, the chance to get it will increase. For more information to obtain the main currency, you can follow our Subway Surfers guide.

Upgrade your Abilities

subway surfers upgrade

There are two abilities which you need to upgrade in order to get a lot of coins. The first one is Jetpack. It will let you fly for a short period of time. To make it fly longer, you need to upgrade it at all cost. Another one is Coin Magnet. When you use this one, it will absorb all the coins. Especially when you combine it with Jet Pack. It can reach all the coins instantly.

Mystery Boxes

subway surfers mystery box

This is the hidden treasure which you find when running on the stage. If you see it, be sure to pick it up. You will get many coins from the boxes. The jackpot is around 100.000 coins. Another way to get the boxes through a daily mission. Actually, the efficient method is collect it while you running.

Daily Challenges

subway surfers daily challenges

Daily challenge will be available everyday. And the reward will increase after you completed one mission each time. You can also earn many rewards besides coins. If you are a smart gamer, you must take advantages of this.

Connect to Facebook

Once again social media is quite useful on the smartphone. Connect it immediately to get extra coins from your friends. Remember to select your friends who still active playing the game. Because when they play it, you will earn coins depend on their score.


We really recommend for you who want to get the coin quickly. Buy the cheapest one is enough. Our objective is the booster pack which you get as the bonus when you purchase the coins. It is called double coins. This is the greatest boost effect and only accessible after you bought the coins with real money. When you finished the stage, a number of coins you get will be doubled.


You do not need to thanks us. It already becomes a tradition for a fellow gamer to help each other. Hopefully, our guide can become your light in this game. Now, you do not need to worry how to get the coins anymore.


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