Pou is a copycat of Tamagotchi. From the gameplay aspects, it has the similar feels. Only the character design which makes it different. For that reason, many players really enjoy playing this one. That is enough for the chit-chat. Let us go to the main topic right away. We are sure you confuse when the first time playing this. Here, we made a simple guide for all of you to solve all the problem within this game.

Pou Room Guide

When the first time you play the game, you will enter a room and meet your Pou for the first time. There are many rooms available in this game. Here, we will explain each room to enrich your knowledge about this. Actually, it is really important for you to know each function.


pou bedroom

This is the important place for your Pou to take a rest. After you played a mini-game, your Pou energy will decrease. And the best option to refill the energy is through the bedroom. You need to tap the lamp to make it sleep. So, when will it wake up? It all depends on the energy left before your Pou goes to sleep. If you decrease all of it, your Pou will take a longer to wake up.


pou kitchen

The best place to feed your Pou when hungry. Before that, you need to add more food in the fridge. Just tap it right away to choose the suitable food for your Pou. For the first time, you need to focus on free food. Because you do not have enough coins to buy a food. We know it will decrease your Pou growth rate, but it will save up some coins in the end.


pou lab

This is the place where you clean your Pou when it is dirty. Not only that but also cure your Pou when it sick. There is also some potion which you can use to get the various effect. The effects are really great. For the example, your Pou will get an additional energy to play a game and level up quickly. It cost a lot of coins to use the potion, please be aware of it.

Game Room

pou game room

This is the reason why you play this game. Here, you can try various game modes to play with your Pou. Earn a lot of coins to make your Pou happy. Do not forget, each game will consume you pet energy. That is why you need to think a game which increases your Pou growth rate quickly.


That is all about Pou guide. Now, you already each function of the room. Hopefully, you can take care of your Pou effectively from now on.


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