In this beautiful day, we would like to offer Candy Crush guide for all of you who have difficulty when playing it. When you look on the surface, this game is quite simple. It does not require many strategies to play. What you only need to do are match the three candies with the same colors. Unfortunately, it is not true. This one is quite complicated. That is why we made the guide.

Do a Combo

candy crush combo

This is a common thing you must do in this game. To launch a combo, you need to match four or more candies. You can do it both diagonally and vertically. This is the best method which you can do to get a high score and three stars rating. The trick is quite simple to unleash the combo. You need to see which color that appears more and then touch it to execute. For your information, it will easier to land a combo if certain color appears more than the another.

Start From the Bottom

When the first time you begin the stage, do not match the candies from the top. Aim from the bottom first. Because it will make you easier to launch a combo which increases your score rapidly. Do not do it from the top or you will get stuck later on.

Striped Candy

candy crush striped candy

Sometimes you will find a striped candy. This is a good one for you to increase your score. In order to use it, you need to match it with the same colors. For example, when you find red striped candy, you also need the same colors for normal candy. You will get a double score from it. That is why this special candy worth your attention.

Remove Your Threats

candy crush threats

When you find obstacles on the stage, remove it immediately. It will disturb your combo chain for sure. Just match the same color to remove the threats. To make it more awesome, you also gain a score when your success to do it.

+5 Candy

When you find a candy which has +5 on it, touch it to add +5 seconds into your time limit for each stage. You need to touch this one before beginning the combo. This is the best method if you do not have any time left.


That is the 5 steps you need to know in order to play the game effectively. We are sure most people do not think like that. They only aim the candy with same colors and touch it without thinking. Now, you have our guide, just follow it to get the best result while playing it.


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