Howdy guys, on this beautiful day we would like to present you Yugioh Duel Links guide for a new duelist. Everyone who recently played the game must confuse about this. That is already a common problem among card battle game. Do not need to worry because we come to help you to erase it.

Pick Your Starter Duelist

yugioh duel links duelist starter

For the first time you begin the game, you need to choose which duelist you like. You can choose either Yugi or Kaiba as the starter. Yugi’s deck excels in Spellcaster monster. As for Kaiba, the dragon type is the main power of his deck. We choose Yugi as the main starter because he is the protagonist in the game. There is no other special reason. You can choose your favorite character later on after you unlock all of them. For the first time, just pick starter duelist randomly, you will not get any special card after all.

Learn the Rules

Remember, this one unlike your usual Yugioh game where the field contains 5 monsters, trap, and spell card zone. This game uses Speed Duel which contains only three of them. Do not need to worry, this is the official rules from the Konami itself, so they do not reduce the field to fit the screen of the smartphone. Also, both players have 4000 life points. That is why you need to think the best strategy to keep your life points at all cost from the opponent’s attack.

Build Your Deck

yugioh duel links manage deck

After a while you play the game. You need to decide which deck you want to build. It is not hard eventually. You can see the deck references on Duel Studio. Here, you can see the real player deck which they posted. We recommend you focus on one monster attribute to support your deck. Of course, you can still use another one but read the card effect first. If it supports each other, just include it immediately.

Buy a Booster Pack

yugioh duel links booster packs

Purchase a booster pack for the first is quite confusing. We also feel the same about that matter. After a while, we found a good solution. When the first time you want to buy the booster pack, just focus on getting a powerful spell and trap cards. Neo-Impact is the good pack for the first time. Remember, you need to offer a gem to get it. That is why you need to choose wisely.

Final Words

For the beginners player who wants to become a pro duelist, you have to follow our guide at all cost. In the end is up to you want to follow our method or not. We cannot insist you to do it. Everyone has a different playstyle.


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