When Playing Tap Titans 2 game, the important aspect without a doubt is about the damage which you inflict to the enemy. The higher amount you can deal will make your progress even faster. At first, it is really easy but later on it really hard to penetrate the enemy’s defense. That is why good strategies are required to increase your damage. Rest assured we have the greatest ways to help you.

Increase Your Pet Damage

tap titans 2 pets

At first, when you obtained a pet, it looks really weak. They only deal a small amount of damage which is not really helpful. But, do not insult the skill of your pet. If you keep upgrading this one, they will become the important asset in the battlefield. Especially when they are in a critical state. Your opponent must be ready to get critical damage for short period of time. The usefulness of your pet is around level 30. That is why you need to level it up as fast as possible to show its true power.

Join a Clan

tap titans 2 clan

Another method to increase your attack power is by joining a clan. It does not matter which clan. Even though they only have a small member, the important one is the level of the clan. Because it will affect your damage boost. Of course, you can look for the big one. Not only give the damage boost to the maximum amount but also each member can give you a useful advice. After you apply the registration form, you need to wait for a while.

Choose the Best Skill

tap titans 2 skill

In order to boost your damage constantly, you need to focus on one skill. After you decide which skill is the good one, level it up each time you have enough skill points. In this case, we choose Fire Sword. This is the best one to deal the huge damage to the enemy. This is really useful when you fighting against the boss. Unleash this one to kill the boss instantly without any delay. War Cry also a good one if you need support skill.

Buy a Booster

This one only applies for all of you who have the tremendous amount of diamonds. Booster item like the double damage is really useful. All damage which you inflict to the opponent is double. As long we remember the effects around 5 minutes. That is why when the booster active, you need to tap your screen faster than before to beat it quickly.

Final Words

If you do not have any good strategy while playing this game, you will not make any progress at all. You will get stuck on the same stage all over again. To prevent that from happening, you can apply the strategy which we give you above. This is the right time to use Tap Titans 2 guide to boost your damage.


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