How is your progress in this game? Do you have enough Diamond to summon new heroes? We are sure you have a difficulty to get it. If that is your problem, just leave it to us. We already made a quick guide to help you in the game to get Diamond quickly. Is it possible? Of course, it is.

Story Unlock Event

sword art online memory defrag story unlock

The easiest one to get is through story quest. You will not get it immediately but you need to collect story point. If you reached specific points you will get many rewards and one of them is Diamond. Also, you can read the story to get 5 Diamond. Usually, there are twelve stories which you can read. It is not required to read all of them, you can skip it if you want to.

Special Event

Each week, this game will offer you special event which grants you many Diamonds at once. Do not forget to participate in the event. You have to remember, this quest only available for limited time. You need to finish it quickly as soon as possible before it completely disappears. If you find it quite hard, invite your friends is a good idea to fight together.

Character Introduction Quest

sword art online memory defrag character introduction quest

Everytime the game introduces a new character, the developer will have a special quest for them. Not only you get upgrade items but also the bunch of diamonds. Unfortunately, it only applies for once. Also, you need to prepare when entering this quest. It is really hard from any other quest. We recommend your character at least level 70 in order to survive the enemy’s attack which launches onto you.

Special Log-in

Do not need to worry, the developer of this game really kind. At least each two weeks they will give you a special log-in bonus which gives you 25 Diamonds. Be sure to check it out everyday before it goes away forever. If you are a type of people who lazy to finish the quest, you can take advantage of the log-in system.

Guild Battle

sword art online memory defrag guild battle

One of the new features in the game. In order to enter the battle, you need to create or join a guild. The amount of Diamond which you get is not much. But, it is better than nothing. At least you need to have three members. You will fight against many bosses per section. If you success to beat it, you will get rare items and diamonds.


Actually, you do not need to feel confused about the currency system in this game. There are many ways to get it without any hard way. One of them is by using Sword Art Online Memory Defrag guide. What you need to prepare is a strong hero and a friend which can help you in needs.


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