Are you looking a fresh endless running game on a smartphone? If so, you come to the right place. Recently, we found a great game on Play Store. That is why we want to give a review immediately after playing it for a while. The game called Blades of Brim. Now, let us see the best aspects about this right away.


Actually, it is not really different with another endless running game. We are sure if you ever played Subway Surfer or Temple Run, you know what kind of gameplay Blades of Brim is. What makes this game awesome is your character wield an equipment to beat the enemy. You can still play the game as long your HP does not reduce to zero. In order to gain a score, you need to smash a monster, if you just run you will not get any score. The monster in this game is similar like minion because only have one eye. Another way to get the score is doing a wall run.

Portal Quest

blades of brim portal quest

In this mode, you will face against a bunch of enemies. If you succeed to finish the quest in this portal, you will get a reward (Random). When you see a portal when you run, do not miss this great chance to enter. Usually, you will get a great weapon which you use to beat your enemy instantly.


blades of brim customization

Like RPG game, you can equip an armor, headgear, and weapon. The armor effect only increases your score amount. Only the weapon which has a magical skill like shooting a fireball from afar. In order to get it either buy it with gems or from the treasure chest when you finish Portal Quest. Sometimes there is a limited event quest which can gift you a rare or legendary weapon.


We do not have any complaint with the graphics. The smoothness of 3D models is top notch along with the great environment. The weapon design also really good. It is like you become a true warrior while slashing the monster. If you enjoy a good graphics, this game can satisfy your needs right away.


The enjoyment while playing this game will make you forget your time. When we first tried it, we play this one for four hours. For that reason, we made Blades of Brim review. This is the great game which everyone should play right away. If you talk about the rating, we can give it 4.5 out of 5. Of course, we do not mean to promote this. Just play it and you will understand the greatness. Now, equip your weapon and beat down all the enemies along the way.


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