Playing Punch hero can become a bit tricky if you an ignorant people. Yeah, the game not only about punching and decrease your opponent health to zero. There are also some aspects that you need to know how to deal with this game. Actually, I already prepared the Punch Hero game tips for you who confuse about the game. Hopefully, my tips can help you to become the better player. That’s enough talk, just see the list below to find out the answer.

Punch Hero Game Tips

Zombie mode

punch hero zombie mode

The important mode in the early game. If you want to have tons of coins, this is the right place to start everything. Of course, all of you already how hard to get coins. And I don’t blame you if you don’t have enough coins to upgrade your something. But, I already find the way out, it’s really simple actually, just repeatedly play the zombie mode to earn the tremendous amount of coins in one go.

 Attacking first is suicide

punch hero gameplay

Don’t worry your friends call you a chicken. In this kind of game, the player who attacks first must be down easily later. What you can do In this game is to wait for the great chance to counter your opponents attack. For you information, I never attack unleash I see the chance of it. So, you can call me I playing defensive, I only count the opponents attack. Yeah, playing defensive will take much time, but it’s okay because your winning rate is guaranteed.

Costume is a great way to increase your status

punch hero costume

If you have more money, I suggest you go to the costume shop to buy the accessories or costume. It will help you to increase your status quite a bit. Don’t worry about the money, you can easily get it in the zombie mode. The important one you can increase your character status.

Getting free Stars

Stars is one of the important currency in the game. That’s why all of you need to have this main currency at all cost. But, you can only get once after you complete the stage. Yeah, that’s a shame, but I have one way for to get free stars without paying anything. Is it real? Yeah, the answer is by clicking this link that I give you (Punch Hero Hack). In that website, you can generate Punch Hero free stars as much as you want without having any issues.

Okay, guys, that’s the Punch Hero game tips that I can give to you. If you still have many questions left, you can ask me in the comment section below. I will reply as soon as possible after I see it. Okay guys, keep going in this game and become the best boxing fighter all around the world!


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