Monster Super League is one of the best squad based unit collecting game on both Play Store and App Store. This game is really cool because it takes an inspiration from the Pokemon GO game where you have to catch some Pokemon, oops, I mean Astromon (the term to call the creatures). But, it is not definitely the same because here you will use more strategy. And now, let me give you some Monster Super League tips and tricks that can be useful for you in the game.

Monster Super League Tips and Tricks

Below here, you will see the Monster League tips that will help you a lot in this game.

Know About the Elements

In this game, there are five different types of elements which own by each Astromon they are fire, water, wood, light, and dark. Each of the element has strength and weakness against the other element. And below here, I give you the guide to the strength and weakness of each element.

Fire Element

An Astromon which possess the fire element is really good while facing the enemies with the wood element. They are really strong against them. But, their greatest weakness is the water element.

Water Element

It is very clear that the Astromon which has the water element must be strong against the fire element. You can count on them when you meet the enemy which has the fire element. But, they are really weak when they have to deal with the one which possesses the wood element.

Wood Element

I’m sure you already know with whom this element is strong against. Yeah, that’s right, it is the water element. Unfortunately, the Astromon with this element cannot do better when dealing with the fire element.

Light and Dark Element

Maybe you will think that the light element will be on the same cycle as the first three elements above. No, it doesn’t. These two has no business with them. The light and dark element can be said that they have no weakness. They are strong against each other. The light strong against the dark element and so do the dark when they face the light element.

Be Smart in Picking Your Team Member

The Astromon has a different type of element. And since each of the element has their own strength and weakness, it is really important for you to be smart in choosing your team member. Try not to bring the same element in one team because it is not a good decision. As an example, when you bring all the Astromon with the fire type, you will be exploited by the enemies with the water element. All of your members are weak against the enemies and it is for sure, you will lose the battle.

Tap the Glowing Tree on the Ship Frequently

You must know and see the existence of tree on the ship. But, are you aware that the tree is glowing? If you aren’t, you should take a little bit closer. If you already see it, just tap it and you will get a nice reward from it like Gold and items. And the prize will be received randomly. So, make sure you take it frequently to get more free Gold and items.

Upgrade Your Astrogun

Astrogun is the tool that you used in order to catch the Astromon. You cannot catch anything unless by using this one. And it is important to upgrade it in order to increase the chance of you getting the Astromon that you are catching on. This is the best Monster Super League tricks to make you much easier in catching the Astromon.

Don’t Forget to Login

Each time you log in for the first time in a day, you will see a pop-up of login event. It will give you a nice and useful reward for each day in a full month. And the reward will be sent straight to your mailbox.

Before I end this Monster Super League tips and tricks, I still have one more tip for you. This tip is very useful because it can help you to generate the Astrogems. If you want to know how just click this Monster Super League Hack.


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