Do you like Boxing? If you like it, I’m sure you must like to play a Boxing game. And I have one recommendation for you about the game like that. It is Punch Hero. It is one of the best Boxing game that I ever played all this time. So, have you ever heard about it? If you never, this is your good chance to know more about this game because I’m about to give you Punch Hero review. Maybe after reading my review below, you will feel interested to play it. So, let’s check it out now.

Punch Hero Review

This game was released in 2012 by Gamevil, the publisher who has brought you a lot of good games like Kritika, Zenonia, HIT, Cartoon Wars and much more. It is a role-playing game where you will take the role as a boxer fight your enemy in a Boxing competition. This exciting game can be downloaded from Android or iOS and you will get a better experience if you play it on the tablet device.

Punch Hero Gameplay

When you start this game for the first time, you will have to give your character a name. After that, you can challenge yourself in the arcade mode where you will fight against several opponents in the Boxing ring. You need to beat all of them in order to clear this mode. And each time you defeat an opponent, you will be granted some Gold and gain some experience which can increase your level. And there is also a zombie mode where you will fight against the undead.

In Punch Hero game, you can dress up your character with lots of customization such as the skin, hair, face, shirt, short, and much more. You can change all of it in the costume shop. But of course, you will need the Gold to buy it first. At first, they are all still unlocked. But, as long as your level is gained, you will unlock more costume.

Overall, the gameplay is really exciting and simple. But, it is a game that is worth to be played especially the one who love Boxing. Now, I will tell you a little about the control. Let’s take a look below.


Right Tap = Right Jab

Left Tap = Left Jab

Right Swipe = Left Hook

Left Swipe = Right Hook

Right Upper Swipe = Left Uppercut

Left Upper Swipe = Right Uppercut

Hold Screen with 2 Fingers = Block/Defense

Two Buttons on Screen = Evade Left and Right

Okay, that’s all that I can say in this Punch Hero review. I hope it can give you more information about this game. And don’t forget to access this Punch Hero hack if you want to get free Stars.


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