Stick War Legacy Review

Stick War is a nice side scrolling game from Max Games Studios. This game was made for Browser at first but soon it was released for Android and iOS platform. The game is about collecting resources and summon some powerful troops. And in this Stick War Legacy review, I will tell you about everything that I know about this game.

Stick War Legacy Gameplay

This game is very easy to play where players are having their own statue on the left-hand side with the enemy’s is on the right-hand side. And there will be some Gold mines as the main resources. The Gold then will be used to train some troops to defend your territory. We can give them an order like attack, defend, and so on. The one who can destroy the enemy’s statue first will be the winner.


In order to claim victory, we can use so many kinds of troops that we can summon to the battle and we can use some items to give support to our units. The items will be very useful during the war but we need to buy them by using the Gems. But unfortunately, we need to buy it first before we can spend it to buy the items.

In Stick War Legacy game, there are two modes that we can play, the campaign, and tournament where each of it has three different difficulties from the easiest until the hardest. Actually, the gameplay is still the same. The only difference is the tournament can be played once after three hours of waiting where the campaign can be played anytime we want.

The Graphic of This Game

For the graphic itself, we cannot underestimate a game just because the graphic is not the best one. But, I can say that this game offers you an eye-catching graphic because of its full color and nice details.

My View about Stick War Legacy

For me, overall, Stick War Legacy is quite good to be played because the gameplay is quite addictive and challenging. We need to make a little strategy to win in this game. And the graphic is not too bad. Moreover, I think it is already good for a simple game which inspired from the Browser based game.

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