Driving School 2016 Review

Driving School 2016 is a driving car simulation where you can learn to drive so many vehicles with different types start from cars, buses, and trucks. This game will help you and teach you the way to drive a vehicle in a very fun way. Of course, it would be difficult if you have to learn to drive with the real car. But, it would be easy and fun if you learn it in this game. So, let me explain a little about this game in this Driving School 2016 review, I wanna tell you everything that you need to know about this game.

Let’s begin with the gameplay.

Driving School 2016 gameplay is really simple where you are not only getting fun to drive a car but also learn how to drive it well. By playing this game, you will know how fun of learning to drive is. Here, you can take a ride with your car, truck or bus through the cities, country roads, deserts, highways, and even the mountains. Not only that, you can also customize your car with tons of customization available.

There are some controllers to run and stop the car on the screen like the gas pedal, brake pedal, and even the clutch where you just need to tap it. Then, there are some panels that you used to see in a real car like the speedometer, turn signal, horn, wipers, and lights button, and even the emergency lights.

Is the Graphics Good?

You don’t have to worry about this one. You know why? Because the 3D graphic used in this game is really fantastic and outstanding. The vehicles and the environments around you look so realistic. There are also some other cars who go through the same road as you so you can feel like you are driving in the environments of the real world. Even there is a city light who will manage the traffic. So, you don’t have to question about the graphic anymore since it is more than you can imagine.

The Other Features of Driving School 2016

  • More than 10 maps that you can try
  • Smooth and realistic handling
  • Different vehicles to take like cars, buses, and trucks
  • More than 50 levels with different situations
  • Different types of steering: tilt, button, and touch
  • Real engine sounds
  • Realistic weather conditions
  • Online leaderboards and achievements that you can complete

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