Do you like to dance? There is a game that can accompany you while dancing. This is a very nice and interesting dancing game. Yeah, it is Just Dance Now. It is absolutely exciting where you will playing a game as well as exercising your body. And now, I would like to tell you a little about this game by giving Just Dance Now review.

Just Dance Now Review

From the creator of so many great games for console and mobile, Ubisoft, comes out the dancing game Just Dance Now which released in 2014. This is a video game from the Just Dance series which appeared on the game console. Just Dance Now is the franchise from the previous ones but it is not a console game.

This one can be downloaded from the Android and iOS platform but we need to connect it to the TV. This game cannot be played unless we connect it to the TV which has an internet connection. The function of the TV is as the screen to display the picture. And the smartphone will register our moves.

Just Dance Now Gameplay

In this game, there are hundreds of songs that we can choose. Then, there will be an instructor appear on the TV screen which will show some dance moves. And we have to follow him/her. Follow their moves and get some score.

What’s Good with This Game?

Just Dance Now provide hundreds of songs which can be used as the soundtrack of our dancing class. Also, the gameplay is different than any other dancing games on the mobile since it allows the players to dance with their body, not their fingers. The graphic is interesting where it uses a colorful display and attractive instructor.

Are There any Bad Things in This Game?

Of course, there are. First, this game required so many things before we can play it such as the mobile phone, internet connection, and TV which used as the monitor. The gameplay may be quite good but it is just repeating the game all the time.

I end Just Dance Now review for today. I hope that this review can enrich your knowledge about this game. And if you have a problem to collect more Coins, you can try this Just Dance Now hack right now. Then, thank you for visiting and see you later in my next article.


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