Howdy guys. I’m Mike Recon back again to present you another great guide. Today my topic about becomes the number one in Dark Sword game. Can you achieve that dream? If you keep trying it’s not impossible to get it someday. Make your hero stronger won’t make you become the best player immediately, there are some aspects that you must know to play this game effectively. My Dark Sword guide below can help you to achieve that dream.

Dark Sword Guide | The Best Way to Become the Best Player

Dark Sword Gameplay

dark sword weapon
dark sword gameplay

This is one way that you can try. Don’t panic even though you already meet many enemies. There always a way to beat all of them. What you need is calm and think the way out. Watch our your HP and Mana is really crucial in an action game.

Choose the Suitable Weapon

Choosing a suitable weapon it’s not that easy. Your default weapon is no good if you still keep in the later game. You will be crush for sure. Choose the weapon that has a skill and passive skill. Why? Because it can help your character to become stronger than before.

Auto Mode

Auto mode is suitable for you who like to watch the gameplay. But, when you face against a boss, you need to turn it off. Because your hero will waste all the skill and the damage is very little. Not only that, you need to replenish your mana again in order to use the skill. I warn you, only for the boss battle you turn off the auto mode. For the rest, it doesn’t matter.

Level Up and Upgrade

Stuck in some stage? That’s the sign you need to level up your hero and upgrade the weapon. Take your item to upgrade because you need to collect the material first.

How to Get Souls for Free in this Game?

How to get it? It’s very easy. Here, I will give you the greatest tips ever that you never forget. Just click Dark Sword hack. From that, you can get free souls without paying anything. I already tested it and works like a charm. From now on, you don’t need to worry about your Dark Sword souls capacity.

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Okay, guys, that’s the end of my article, see you all again next time. Get your game on!


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