Who doesn’t know this exciting game? The Simpsons Tapped Out, a great city building game that lets the player help Homer to rebuild the city which destroyed because of an accident. All of The Simpsons lovers must fell in love when playing this game because it is not only a fun game but also interesting. That’s why I am here to give you The Simpsons Tapped Out tips that can help your progress.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Tips

  • How to Level Up Faster?

    You will need to earn XP in order to go to the next level where new items will be unlocked. And since certain characters, items, and buildings can only be unlocked when you reach a certain level, it is important to earn a lot of XP so you can level up. So, to earn XP faster, you can add more trees and open more landscape. Also, XP can come from clearing the tasks and the buildings you have in your city.

  • Choosing The Simpsons Tapped Out Tasks

    Before you choose a task for your characters to do, make sure that you pay attention to each task first. It is better if you see how long the task will be and what the reward is. A longer task will give you a better reward. So, if you wanna take the longer task, better when you are about to put off the game to let your characters achieve the task while you are away. And if you still wanna play, the shorter task would be better for you to get the reward faster although it is not as much as the longer ones.

  • Choose What You Want to Build Carefully

    Before you building something, you need to check out the building that you want to build carefully. Each building in this game has a potential to earn you Cash and XP but the number of Cash and XP that you will earn will be different. Some of it will give you a lot of Cash although it will take more time to generate the Cash. The other will give you a small amount of Cash but in a shorter time to generate it. So, choose which buildings that you want to build first carefully.

  • Better to Buy The Cash or The Donuts?

    If there is a question pop up in your mind of which one better between buying the Cash or the Donuts, the answer will be the Donuts. Why? Because the Donuts can help you to fasten up things such as your objectives, task, and buildings. Then, you will also get the Cash quicker when you rushing them all. And if you buy the Cash, you just can only use it to buy the items and make a new building. So, if won’t give you any profit at all. Then, if you want to get the Donuts for free, you can use The Simpsons Tapped Out hack.

So, I end The Simpsons Tapped Out tips for today and don’t forget to follow all the tips that I have given above to make you progress faster.


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