Gummy Drop, an addicting match 3 puzzle game. Thousands of levels that can be played, exciting gameplay, and colorful graphic makes this game looks interesting. Your task is to match three or more gummies of the same color while solving the puzzle to clear the board. You can play alone or challenge your friends to see who will get the best score. And I am here to tell you Gummy Drop tips that can help you to clear the puzzle.

4 Gummy Drop Tips That Will Help You Out

Keep An Eye On The Requirements

Always watch the requirements for each level and complete them as soon as possible. If there is more than one requirement, make sure to clear the hardest one first. The other easier requirements will be fulfilled while playing the game. Remember that your move is limited. So, make sure to get rid of the hardest one first before you are running out of moves.

Start From The Bottom To The Top

Like most other games which have a similar gameplay to this one, the best way to play this Gummy Drop game is to start matching the gummies from the bottom. Don’t think to match it from the top because it won’t be too effective to gain a lot of scores. Starting from the bottom will let you take out more combos. The bottom area has a lot more potential of making some combos. You will find it difficult to make combos if you make up your way from the top.

Try To Match More Gummies

If you can manage to match more than 3 gummies, you will unlock the boost item that can help you in this game. This boost item can help you to get more gummies. So, try to match more than 3 gummies as often as possible because matching much more gummies can give you a lot of combos as well which will make your score gain faster.

Get The Benefits Of Connecting To Facebook

The first benefit of connecting to Facebook is you can get more friends who can give you more lives. You will also get some bonus such as free lives or coins. And the last, you will have more friends to challenge. Overall, it is good to connect to Facebook because of its great benefits. This last Gummy Drop tips ends my article for today. Let’s meet again in the next article.

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