Do you ever watch Ben 10 cartoon series? If you have, I suggest you play Ben 10 Xenodrome game right now. This game is really amazing, guys. And if you don’t know what this game about, you should check my article about Ben 10 Xenodrome review. By reading this you will get a lot of information regarding this wonderful game.

Ben 10 Xenodrome Review

This is the game version of Ben 10 cartoon series which very popular among the kids and teenagers. Released since 2012, this game has gained lots of success. Start from the number of downloads which has reached over 10 million times and the rating of 4.2 out of 5 just from the Play Store.

What Is It About?

Ben 10 Xenodrome is a fighting game where you have to use the alien that you ever see in Ben 10 cartoon series such as Rath, Ultimate Humungousaur, Armodrillo, and much more. Here, you will play as Ben Tennyson, a child who has the power to turn himself to an alien which has a superpower. Your task is to fight the evil from all over the galaxy to stop the destruction of the world.

Ben 10 Xenodrome Gameplay

The gameplay is quite unique and it is really different from any other fighting game that you ever played before. Why? Because this one is using a rock, paper, scissor mechanism in order to play it. And you can say that it is a turn-based fighting game. So, you are not fighting wildly and launch as many attacks as you can. You can see the example from the picture above.

How Can I Play This Game?

This game has two different modes that you can play. The first one is by playing the story mode where you will fight along the story. It means that you will fight against the enemy which controlled by the computer. You have to clear this mode in order to unlock some other new alien characters. The second mode, it is multiplayer where we are free to play and fight against other players in a real-time battle. This mode is really interesting to test our skill in playing this good game.

In-Game Currency

The same like many other games, this one also has a currency system named Coins. This thing is used to unlock some characters, missions, and to upgrade the characters. So, we can say that it is a very important part of this game. Why? Because without it, we cannot make a further progress. In short, you need this thing to make a progress. And the Coins can be obtained by playing and winning fights. For each fight that you have won, you will get a certain amount of Coins. So, fight as often as possible so you can get lots of it and buy everything that you need for this game.

The Game Full Features

  • Easy to control
  • Turn based fighting with paper, rock, scissor mechanism.
  • Level up to unleash the alien’s true power
  • A good gameplay
  • 15 different enemies that we can fight against
  • Various characters
  • Stunning graphic
  • In-App Purchase

That’s all that I can tell you on my Ben 10 Xenodrome review. I hope this review will help you to know more about this game, guys. Oh yeah, don’t forget to try this Ben 10 Xenodrome hack if you want to get unlimited Coins, okay. Then, thanks for your visit and see you next time for another game review.


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