Can you imagine riding a dragon while avoiding all the obstacles? Of course, you will feel scared when this event happens to you. But, it’s different in this game, the character in this game is the bravest one because he beat all the opponents when riding a dragon. As my thanks to this great game that I played, I want to give you Dragon Hills tips. For more information check out the list below.

dragon hills

Dragon Hills Tips, Become the Best Player Immediately!

Destroy Anything That You See: If you can destroy an object for example like a barrel, you will be given a destruction bonus. The more you destruct the stuff, the more you will get a bonus at the end of the stage. For you who doesn’t know about this trick, you need to apply this one right away to make your gaming more awesome than before.

Power Ups Item: This one is really important in this kind of game. It will help you to destroy all the opponents within a sec. That’s why you need to collect all the power up-item as you can. Don’t you ever missed it or you will regret for the rest of you life.

Lava: Although you already become the greatest player in the game. You still can’t avoid this one if you’re not cautious. The moment you touch this one, you will face a game over screen. If you can see the red dot on the hill, you will likely to see a lava. Please dodge this or you already know the consequences.

Coins: the main currency of the game. Of course, you will need this one at all cost. So, how you get it actually? You can obtain it by completing the mission (only once), destroy a barrel (luck factor to get the coins) Actually, I have one secret weapon to get the coins. It’s by using Dragon Hills hack. Within a minute, you will get the free coins that want immediately. Don’t worry guys, I already tested it.

dragon hills gameplay

Now, you already know how to play this game effectively after reading my Dragon Hills tips. You don’t need to give your thanks to me, It’s already my duty to help all of you, especially about gaming. Now, if you need Dragon Hills free coins and tips, just visit this site. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who might need this one. Okay guys, see you soon in my next article.


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