I’m sure you must know about Ice Age because it is a very popular animation film. It also has released some sequels with a good and exciting story. And now it also has its game version called Ice Age Adventures. This game is really entertaining especially for the kids. But, don’t worry because it can be played by all ages. So today, I want to give you Ice Age Adventures review so you can know more about this game.

Ice Age Adventures Review

What Is Ice Age Adventures?

It is an adventure game where you to explore unknown islands to save all the animals. You will take the journey along with Sid as the main character in this game where we need to save Manny, Diego and the other animals who got separated because of the island split into pieces.

Ice Age Adventures Gameplay

You need to help Sid to do this hard task by exploring some mysterious islands. But, you have to be careful because it is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. Why? Because you will meet some enemies along your way. So, you need to get rid of them to continue your journey.

Is It Good To Be Played?

For me, it is worth to be played. Why? Because this game is quite popular. Just from the Play Store, it has been downloaded over 10 million times with 4.3 out of 5 for its rating. Those stats show that it is a good game. In the game, you can see by yourself the good graphic that this game adapted. Using a 3D graphic with a sharp color make this game more interesting to be played.

Overall, it is a good game although there is one thing that makes me crazy, the Acorns. Yeah, this thing is the main currency in this game which used to buy some useful things inside the game. But now, I don’t have to think about it anymore since I can get it easily just by using Ice Age Adventures hack. Just try it right now if you have a problem in collecting a lot of Acorns in this game.

Okay, that’s all about Ice Adventures review for today. I hope it can help you to know more about this wonderful game. Thanks for reading and goodbye.


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