Banana Kong is a really fun game. This game is really exciting to play where we have to play the Gorilla character to get as many Bananas as we can and get the highest score. But, this game is not only about running and collecting Bananas and score but also avoiding the obstacles that will stop our journey. You need to avoid all of the obstacles in order to survive and continue your journey. And your goals are to get the highest score and get a lot of Bananas. So today, I would like to share you a tip on how to get Banana Kong free Bananas easily. But, before that let me tell you a little what is the function of Bananas in this game.

What Is The Use Bananas In This Game?

Banana is the currency system that uses in Banana Kong game and it is used to buy some items such as animals, power-ups, parachutes, and hats. This thing is really important if you want to upgrade some power-ups items. Why? Because power-ups items can help you a lot in making a better progress. Without the power-ups, it will be very difficult to be the best player in this game.

How To Get Banana Kong Free Bananas?

Actually, you can get it from the game while you are playing this game although it will take a long time until you get a lot of it. Then, you can also watch a video of advertisement in order to get 250 free Bananas for Banana Kong. But actually, they are not the best ways to get it, guys.

I have the best one actually, and for that reason, I will share it with all of you. So now, just try this Banana Kong hack right now if you really want to get lots of Bananas. Of course, it is for free and you can get as many Bananas as you want without any limit. I can tell you this because I have tried it myself. So, don’t hesitate to use it, okay.

Okay, that’s the tip that I have promised you. I hope you like my tip above and it can help you to make a better progress. Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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