Super Mario Run is still a new game in Play Store where it was released in April 2017 by Nintendo, one of the biggest game company. This game will make you nostalgic if you was born in 90th era. As we know, Super Mario is a very popular game at that time. Every people must know this game start from the children until the adult. And now I will give Super Mario Run review for you who get curious about it.

Super Mario Run Review

If you have played Super Mario game before, you must know how to play this one. Actually, the gameplay is quite the same as the old one. But, Super Mario Run has some difference to the old version. When the old one needs you to control Mario by using the joystick, here, you don’t need to do that anymore because he runs automatically. So, you just need to help him to jump and avoid the obstacles by tapping the screen. But, the goal is still the same where you have to get into the finish line.

Of course, the graphic in the latest version of Super Mario game is far better than the old one. Back in the 90’s, it still used the pixel graphic but now Super Mario Run uses the 3D graphic which makes the appearance of this game is more interesting.

Super Mario Run Gameplay

So, what are the features that available in this new Super Mario game?

Super Mario Run Game Features

  • Toad Rally

Compete against other players from all over the world to get the highest score as you gather Coins and get cheered by the Toads. You need to win the Rally in order to get more Toads to live in your kingdom.

  • Kingdom Builder

You need to collect Coins and Toads in order to build your own kingdom. You can combine some different buildings or decorations to make you kingdom is more unique. Also, there are more than a hundred of items in this Kingdom Builder mode. And you can get more items if you get more Toads in Toad Rally.

  • World Tour

There so many World in this game that we can play and clear start from the Plains, Caverns, Ghost Houses, Airships, and Castles. There are 24 courses for each World which will make us busy. And we have to clear all of it in order to save the Princess Peach from the Bowser’s hand. Unfortunately, we need to buy the game to unlock all of the world and other features.

So, what will you get if you have bought the game full version?

Super Mario Run After Purchasing All Worlds

  • You can play all of the worlds and its 24 courses anytime that you want.
  • You can get more playable characters such as Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette.
  • More courses in Toad rally will be available after you have purchased the game.
  • Buildings and decorations will be unlocked so you can build your kingdom more lively.

My Thought About This Game

Actually, this is a good game but since we just can play some courses and have to buy the rest, I don’t think that it is good anymore. Why they only give some courses for free if they can give all of it for free? if they want us to pay to play this game, they can ask for it since the beginning when we download it. So, it will be a good game if you have some money in your pocket.

Don’t go anywhere, guys because I have a tip for all of you about how to gaining lots of Coins and Tickets. If you want to know how just check it out below.

How To Get More Coins And Free Tickets For This Game?

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Okay, that ends my Super Mario Run review for today. I everything that I have written above can be useful for all players who play this game. Then, thanks for visiting and reading this article and have a nice day.


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