Clash Of Queens is a good strategy MMO RPG game. You will love this one if you try it. And for the ones who have played this game then, I would like to share some Clash Of Queens tips and tricks. The tips that I wanna share with you are about how to get the Gold in this game. As we know, it is the main currency that used to upgrade the buildings and to buy some useful items. So, let’s check out how to get this thing by reading my article below.

Clash Of Queens Tips And Tricks In Getting The Gold


This one is the basic way to obtain the Gold. Every day, you can take a reward by clicking the check-in button. But, you won’t get it each time you sign-in because the reward will be different for each day.


There are so many quests that you can clear when you play this game. Each quest will earn you some Gold as the reward. Maybe the number of the Gold is not too much but if you collect it bit by bit, you will have tons of it. So, make sure to clear as many quests as you can, okay.

Stay Online

Clash Of Queens has a unique feature where you get Clash Of Queens free Gold if you stay online for every 40 minutes. So, if you don’t want to do anything just don’t close the game and let the countdown runs and you can claim 5 Gold.

Go To The Shop

If you need this thing really bad or you are running out of it, you can go to the shop and buy some Gold there. There are some options that you can choose and each of them has a different price depends on how many Gold that you want to buy. Actually, I don’t really like this tip but it is quite helpful if you have a lot of real money.

Use This Tool

If you don’t like all the tips above, you can try to use this Clash Of Queens hack tool. By using this tool, you can get as many Gold as you like without paying a single penny. I can say that it is the best way to get the Gold. And you just need to click the button above and follow the instructions. Then, you will get it straight to your account.

Okay, I think that’s enough for today. I hope my Clash Of Queens tips and tricks to get lots of Gold above can help you out, guys. Thank you then and stay tuned on my website if you need more tips and tricks about your favorite game.


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