Do you play this game? If you do, I will give you some Dark Sword tips and tricks to get so many Souls. As we know that this thing will make you crazy because it is quite hard to get lots of it. We can buy everything that we want if we have this thing such as the Gold, stamina, equipment, treasure, and potion. Now, let’s take a look.

Dark Sword Tips And Tricks In Getting The Souls

The first way is by visiting the shop and click the free Souls button. After that, you will find some offer which will give you a different number of Souls. You need to download some application and clear the task that has been given.

The second way, just tap the video advertisement and you will earn three Souls for free. You can see the button in the middle of your right side screen. This way is one of the best tips to get more Souls.

The third one is by purchasing the Souls from the shop. When you open the shop, you can see the Souls section. There, you can purchase it by paying some money. Of course, it won’t be cheap so I don’t recommend this way.

The last, you can try the Dark Sword hack. By using it, you can generate as many Souls as you want in unlimited amount. I will fully recommend this one because it is the best Dark Sword tips that I can tell you.


If you follow all my tips above, I’m sure you will find out that it is not hard to get so many Souls in this game. Okay then, this is the end of my Dark Sword tips and tricks for today. And if you have some comments, just share it with me. Thank you, guys…


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