Hello, guys, welcome to my website. Today, I will tell you some Anger Of Stick 5 tips. But, do you know about this game? I’m sure that you must know about it, right? This game is really amazing although it is just a simple game. It is simple but more than good for me. If you never play this game, I suggest you try it right now. You won’t regret to have this game on your smartphones. Now, let’s check out some tips below.

Anger Of Stick 5 Gameplay

Anger Of Stick 5 Tips

Kicking Is Better

In Anger Of Stick 5 game, there is some button that you can tap. Each button has different uses. One of them is for kicking, punching, jumping, and opening the door. And while you are in a fight, I suggest you use the kick button rather than the punch one. As we know, the leg is longer than the hand so it is better in range.

Pay Attention To The Tasks

Each time you start to play a level, you will see some task that is given in order to get more stars at the end. You will get three stars if you can complete all the three task. And of course, each stage will ask you different tasks. Also, completing the tasks will benefit you because you will earn more Gold.

Destroy Everything

While you playing a level, you can see there is some stuff that you can kick or punch. So, if you meet stuff like that, don’t hesitate to destroy it because sometimes you can earn some Gold.

Buy A New Weapon

There are tons of weapons that you can use to help you to kill the enemies easier. A weapon like a shotgun, grenade launcher, flamethrower, and etc are available in this game. So, if you have so much Gold, you have to buy some. And if you don’t have enough of it, let’s try this Anger Of Stick 5 hack.

Get Advantage From The Discount

Sometimes there will be some discount for some weapons or etc if there is an event. Then, don’t miss this chance. Use your real money immediately and get this great offer immediately.

Buy The Gold And Gems

If you are out of these things, why don’t you buy them from the shop? Of course, you have to use real money to do that and it won’t be cheap. But, if you are a maniac of this game, it won’t be a big problem, isn’t it?

That’s all that I can say about Anger Of Stick 5 tips. What do you think about it? Is it useful? I hope so. And if you have something to ask, don’t hesitate to ask me by leaving your question in the comment box. Then, I’m signing off, thank you and see you…


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