Welcome, guys, it is good to see you visiting my website. Today, I will give you some Basketball Stars tips on how to get some Cash and Gold. As we know, those things are the currency in this game and they are really important for us. Without them, we cannot buy some new balls and bags. But, you don’t have to worry anymore if you are confused on how to get the Cash and Gold easily because you can see the tips below.

Basketball Stars Tips To Get More Cash And Gold

So, here are some tips that I will share with all of you, guys. I suggest you follow all of the Basketball Stars tips and tricks below if you want to be rich of Cash and Gold.

Tips To Get The Cash

  • You can get this thing just by playing this game regularly, guys. Actually, it is a basic way but it is quite effective.
  • Make sure you click the free Cash button on the top right side of your screen. You will get 500 Cash each time you click that button. And you can collect it every one hour so don’t forget to come back again.
  • Open the minigames menu and you will find spin and win button. Just click it and you can get some Cash as the reward randomly. But, this feature can only be used once a day.
  • You can also buy some of it from the shop if you really need it. Of course, this way is not free where you have to buy it by using your real money.
  • Request Gift is the other way to get this thing quickly. Yeah, you can get some of it by asking for a gift from your friends. But, you need to connect to your Facebook account first before you can do it.
  • Invite some friends can also earn you a lot of Cash. Each time your friends are playing for each day, you will get 10.000 Cash for free.

Tips To Get The Gold

  • Connect to your Facebook not only will give you some Cash but also Gold. You will get 5 Gold after you have connected your Facebook account. But, you can only do it once.
  • Spin and Win also can give you the Gold if you are so lucky. So, don’t forget to use it every day if you want to get the Gold.
  • Same as the Cash, you can also buy the Gold from the shop by using your money. But, I don’t suggest you buy it because it will just waste your money, isn’t it?
  • If you want, you can try this Basketball Stars hack. By using it, you will get not only the Gold but also the Cash for free. And it is very easy to be used, guys so you don’t have to worry about how to use it.

What do you think about Basketball Stars tips to get lots of Cash and Gold that I have given above? Is it useful for you? If so, I need you to share it with your friends who may need these tips because sharing is caring. Okay then, thank you for reading, guys.


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