Uno And Friends is a card game which inspired from the phenomenal card game, Uno. This game was published by Gameloft and has been downloaded over 50 million times on Play Store. If you have played UNO before, you must know how to play this one. Yeah, the rules are the same, guys but in this game, there is some improvisation which you cannot find in playing UNO. But, we cannot feel all of the fun in this game without Tokens and Coins. Without those things, we cannot play it. So, that’s why today I will give you some Uno And Friends tips that may be useful for you.

Uno And Friends Tips In Getting Tokens And Coins

My Tips To Get Tokens

Actually, you will get some of it when you install this game on your phone. But, you can only get it once for each account you use for this game. But, you don’t have to worry because you will get it every time you level up. You will get one Token each you level up your account.

But, if you want a better way, you can try to watch a video which will give you 4 Tokens. This way is quite effective if you are in a crisis of Tokens. You can also get this thing by winning games. But, you have to win it without ever losing even just once. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the scratchers. You can also get some Tokens from this feature.

My Tips To Get Coins

This thing is much easier to be obtained rather than Tokens. You just need to play more often in order to get so many Coins. And you can also give some free gifts for your friends for each day and of course, you will get Coins.

Then, I suggest you keep winning games and maintain your winning streak in order to get more Coins. Actually, I have explained this way before in order to get Uno And Friends Tokens but you also can get Coins by doing this way. You can have both of them if you can do it.

My Tips To Get Both Of Them Easily

I have one more tip to get Tokens and Coins. But, this tip will earn you both of them at once. And you don’t have to do any difficult things in order to get them. Now, just try this Uno And Friends hack immediately and you will be amazed after you use it.

Okay, guys, what do you think about Uno And Friends tips in getting some Tokens and Coins that I have given above. Do you like it? I hope so, and hopefully, it can help you to get those things and help your progress in this game. Well then, I think it is enough for today, thank you for reading and see you in my next article.


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