My Talking Angela is a virtual pet game designed for the children actually but all ages can also play this very fun game. This game can entertain and make you busy for hours. If you know the likes of My Talking Tom and My Talking Hank, you must know the gameplay of this one. But, for you who never play a game like this before, better you check out some My Talking Angela tips and tricks that I would like to share below.

My Talking Angela Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Take Care Of Your Angela

Since this is a virtual pet game, it becomes our duty to take care of our pet. Yeah, you need to take care of Angela like your real pet. When she is still a kitten, you need to give her enough milk by using the baby bottle. But, after she grows up, you have to give her an adult food. Here, you are not only feeding her regularly but also brush her teeth and give her a bath. These activities will earn you some coins that you can use for other purposes. Oh yeah, Angela also needs sleep, so make sure to let her sleep and don’t forget to set the time when she has to get up.

Make Her Looks Fashionable

Here, you are not only taking care of her, you can dress her up to make her looks beautiful. With a lot of fashion available in this game, you can mix and match the clothes. Give her the best clothes, accessories, and makeup to make her the cutest cat ever. But, some of the clothes and accessories have to be bought by using Diamonds. And if you don’t have enough of it, just try this My Talking Angela hack right away.

Decorate Her House

Don’t just make Angela looks good, you have to keep her house so comfortable. Decorate her house as good as possible. You can take her picture and put it on the wall and table. Arrange the house so she can enjoy the views and try to make her happy with the house.

How To Gain Coin?

This is my last tips for My Talking Angela today. Actually, you can gain some Coins although it is not a lot by doing some activities for Angela such as brushing her teeth and take her to the bath. But, you can gain a lot of Coins if you play in the minigames. There are so many kinds of games that you play in this minigames and you can play your favorite one as many as you can to get more Coins.

That’s all some useful My Talking Angela tips and tricks for today. Don’t forget to follow all the tips above if you want to get a better progress in this game, okay. I hope my tips can help you a lot, guys. Okay, then, thanks for visiting, see you…


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