This football manager game is available on both Play Store and iOS. And many players have downloaded it. Its popularity has matched the like of FIFA mobile where it has been downloaded over 50 million times. Even the rating of this game is better than FIFA mobile, 4.4 out of 5 compare to 4.2 of FIFA. That shows how good is this game. So now, I will give you Top Eleven Game Review so you can know more about this amazing game. So, let’s take a look, buddies.

Top Eleven Game Review

Our job in this game is becoming a manager of a football team. That’s quite interesting, right? You will be given some tasks to do and you have to reach all the tasks at the end of the season if you won’t get sacked. So, you have to manage your team so you can bring them to the glory.

But, we need to manage our team very well in order to achieve that goal. So, choosing the best formation for our team would be helpful enough to help our progress in this game. It is because formation will also affect your players’ performance in the field especially if they are out of their position. For me, I prefer to use 4-2-3-1 as my best formation in Top Eleven because it is more complex for both attacking and defending.

There is a training feature in this game so don’t forget to train your players before the match begin because it will increase their ability and performance during the match. But, make sure not to push your players too hard because you will drain their energy a lot. So, choose the drills that really needed for your players.

And there is one thing that makes me love this game so much, it is the transfer. Here, it is not easy to get the players we want. We need to give the highest offer in order to get a new player. So, we have to compete with other players in the real world to get them. For me, this is quite exciting rather than we just buy them without doing anything. But, we need lots of tokens in order to give an offer. Actually, you cannot get this thing that easy. It is hard to be obtained, you know. But, I have one tip for Top Eleven that you can try. I usually use this Top Eleven hack to get those tokens for free so I can buy the players that I want.

Overall, the gameplay of this game is really fantastic and it is the best football manager game that I ever played. Okay then, this is the end of my Top Eleven game review for today, I’m signing off, thank you.


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