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criminal case cheats

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How to Use Criminal Case Hack & Cheats

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About Criminal Case

This game first release is on July 23, 2013. It’s been quite a long time. When this game first launched. It gets quite a positive respond from all users. The puzzle in this game really challenging that make the players think about it. This game available on Android and IOS. If you have both devices, try this game. We sure you like it very much. What makes this game really special is the puzzle elements in it.

Criminal Case Features

We sure mostly curious what kind of features that this game offer. Now, check out the full features below.

  • Investigate: collect the evidence and investigate the
  • crime scene. Deduce and find the true culprit.
  • Team Up with your friends: Do you get stuck in some cases? Get your friends help. Of course, you can’t let your friends beat your score.
  • Customization Mode: Don’t think this game only around investigate a crime. You can also customize your avatar to your own liking. There are also many customs in this game you can choose.
  • Achievement System: If you do thing correctly you can unlock the achievement system. Every smartphone game already has this kind of features.

Criminal Case Gameplay

Do you curious what kind of game is this? Find out by downloading the game in your Play Store. The size is not really big, but you free up some space in your memory card. This game actually quite phenomenal because it’s inspiring from Crime Scene Investigation TV series. We sure all of you know about it.

The gameplay is like a puzzle game. You need to uncover a mystery from each chapter. Of course, it won’t be that easy. You need to find the proof and testimonies from other characters who saw the murder or mystery. You don’t need to worry. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a tutorial how to play this game. We recommend you follow the tutorial to understand the game mechanism.

the variation of the cases quite good. So, you won’t be bored that easily. We sure you will love this game very much. Why? Because it’s quite challenging and fun. Oh yeah, if you stuck in some episode, try your friends help. You will be given a hint how to solve the cases. Of course, you can’t let you friends beat your score.

For the graphics quality, it uses 2D style. It’s quite good, the details really great and effects also very awesome to see. We sure you won’t regret to see the graphics quality. For the controller, it’s not that complicated. We sure you can get the hang of it quickly. Overall, this is a good puzzle game. It won’t waste your time at all. This is a must play game for your smartphone.

In-App-Purchase VS Criminal Case Hack

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